Social media and small business

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Social media today offers innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow small business and boost profits. Most social networks are designed to enhance the online community, exploiting inter-connectivity for better communication, relevance and user experience. A rapidly increasing number of businesses … Read More

The convergence of Marketing and PR


Many people within the Marketing discipline regard Public Relations as subset, Public Relations is a function of Marketing. Marketing tends to be used as the umbrella term for all communications and planned activity between supplier and customer.

PR builds and … Read More

PR is evolving, but that’s nothing new.

Public Relations, PR Concept as a Abstract

Public relations has been evolving since at least the early 1900′s. For well over a century this contemporary multifaceted discipline├é enraptured followers wanting to delve deeper into the strategic management skills required for applied public relations.

‘Barclays New Futures’

One … Read More